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Jil Buys Houses is a private real estate investment company dedicated to helping property-owners in tough situations sell houses for cash. We pay cash for houses, single-or multi-family, in any condition, helping homeowners achieve the fairest as-is price for their home.

We know that selling a house, regardless of your reason for selling, can be a challenging, stressful process in even the most straightforward of situations. We’re dedicated to making the process easy and enjoyable for every client.

Why Work with
Jil Buys Houses?

As a cash-sale homebuyer, we make things simple, straightforward and transparent for sellers! You don’t need to worry about fixing problems yourself, listing with an agent, holding open houses and waiting for the right offer to come in. Instead, sell your home to us for cash and save time and hassle while getting a fair price for your house—in cash—all within a week.

What makes us unique from other cash homebuyers? The difference is in our transparent process—one where you always have full control over the sale of your house. Whether you’ve inherited the house you grew up in and need to sell or you need to sell your current home for quick cash, we provide full-scale support throughout the entire selling process, no matter your personal situation.

Our Services


We know that properties in any condition have so much potential to be unlocked. We’re buying homes as-is for cash in over 20 markets across the country. 


If you’re looking for a new home, we have a full team of real estate professionals on deck to help you! We want to make your life easier.


If you’re selling your house to us for cash, you’ll have no problem finding funding for your next home. As a partner with U.S. Lending, we assist every client through the full process of securing financing
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Jil Buys Houses

Jil Buys Houses founder and owner, Jil, is a real estate investor and media personality well-known for co-hosting HGTV’s Flip or Flop, a show focused on his successful real estate strategy—flipping houses. For over 10 years, millions of television viewers have seen how Jil helps homeowners overcome stressful financial situations. He sees the hidden potential in distressed, outdated homes, and how some thoughtful updates can make them perfect for a new family to move into and thrive.

In founding Jil Buys Houses, Jil hopes to help property-owners in select markets across the country sell their houses the easy, hassle-free way—for cash. After decades of working in the real estate industry, he understands that selling a home can be challenging even in a competitive sellers’ market. Jil, along with his entire team, are here to help homeowners sell their properties in a way that’s completely transparent and stress-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find real estate investment companies that are interested in properties in your area. Contact them and provide them with information about your property, schedule the appointment, fix the purchase price, then sign an agreement and finally close the deal.

You can call real estate investment companies in your location or contact them through their website contact us page any time. Many of them like Jill Buy Houses provide free offers for scheduling the property viewings.

There is nothing to do with your home. You don’t have to worry about any renovation or repairs for this as we accept home as is. Just get ready with these details: property address, property type, property size, and property’s amenities etc.

There is no need to negotiate the price for your property with us. We consider everything from property location to property repair conditions and values of property compared to your property location. This way we come up with an affordable price that works for both of us.

It is recommended to work with real estate agents in your area to determine the specific documents that you require to submit at the time of selling your property. Your agent will guide you on the specific requirements based on your state and local laws.

We normally have mortgages of around 20-30 years and in that case if you wanna sell your property, contact Jill Buy Houses. They offer you the cash price that pays off your existing mortgage.